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Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at EPFL
Mission & Challenge

We appreciate your interest in our Institute. We provide an educational and research environment in the chemical sciences and chemical engineering for undergraduates, graduates and postgraduate researchers.

The Institute is headed by Prof. Lyndon Emsley and develops activities on two main sites, one in Lausanne and one in Sion.

Undergraduate teaching (bachelor and master programs) is organized by the Section of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering headed by Prof. Jérôme Waser.

For those interested in pursuing a PhD in our Institute, we also have a Doctoral School in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, headed by Prof. Vassily Hatzimanikati.

Research and teaching activities at ISIC are supported by General Services
(analytical platforms, workshops, chemical stores and IT services) managed by Prof. Sandrine Gerber.

The links on this page should help to provide a more detailed picture of our Institute, showing it to be exciting environment in which to conduct research in the chemical sciences and engineering.



LIMNO Reports New Route to Make Stable Organic Solar Cells

The stability of donor-acceptor bulk heterojunction organic photovoltaics (BHJ OPV) can be increased by using fully conjugated block co-polymers (BCPs) but the lack of facile routes to prepare BCPs from diverse monomers has limited the a

Chirality in “real-time”

Distinguishing between left-handed and right-handed (“chiral”) molecules is crucial in chemistry and the life sciences, and is commonly done using a method called circular dichroism. However, during biochemical reactions the chiral c