Chemical Engineering Seminars (ChE-601)

The Chemical Engineering Seminar Series is Organized By Prof. Jeremy Luterbacher and takes place every other Friday at 16:15 in BCH 2201, unless otherwise indicated. It is followed by an Apéro at 17:30.

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Prof. Katalin Barta
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BCH 2201

Chemical Engineering Seminar - Cleave and Couple: Sustainable pathways to value added chemicals from renewable resources

In order to achieve true economic feasibility of future biorefineries, it should be ensured that maximum value is derived from all individual components of lignocellulose. Especially the catalytic conversion of the lignin component to well defined aromatic compounds has proven challenging. Furthermore, the downstream processing of the platform chemicals obtained from cellulose(s) and lignin still needs significant improvement in order to access sufficient diversity of products, ultimately covering an entire value pyramid of new bio-based materials.
Importantly, research questions need to be re-designed to maximize material balance, energy efficiency and sustainability in the new catalytic pathways and globally. 
In this lecture I will describe our “cleave and couple” strategy, where “cleave” refers to the catalytic deconstruction of lignocellulose or lignin to aromatic and aliphatic alcohol intermediates, and “couple” involves the development of new transformations for the formation of C-C and C-N bonds in order to obtain a range of products from lignocellulose. 

By: Prof. Katalin Barta, Stratingh Institute for Chemistry, University of Groningen, Netherlands